More Than Video




Jason Williams

is a creator of films, commercials, and digital media.






















Kickball Media is created to take the expertise of long form filmmaking techniques to apply those to the advertising needs of brands.

Why a campaign?


It is not one commercial that makes a difference. A collection of commercials are necessary to create small impressions over the customer's journey. The customer grows confident about choosing a brand the longer the journey lasts.

Who will clients work with?

Jason will lead the creative journey with the help from a team of experienced professionals. The beginning of the client's journey starts with a seasoned copywriter crafting the Story Campaign. This unique series of stories will be crafted through production by the utmost care by skilled production technicians. Upon completion of the finished stories the brand has the convenience and support of a Social Media Ads Manager to pinpoint the stories to the ideal customers.

Kickball Media is ready to make the perfect Story Campaign for your brand. Let's get connected today.